Being young with cancer

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Hi, I'm 36 have stage 1   breast cancer , herts 2 negative,

Hormone receptive.

 I had cancer removed so I'm not sure if that means I'm free of it or not, waiting to start all my treatment.

I need to vent , as it's just heartbreaking to be diagnosed as a young woman even tho I don't feel young, my age makes me young.

Still having periods & I am scared of my future.

Still scared that being hormone receptive and no hormone therapy yet will fuel something.Scared of hormone therapy.

I still have my boobs, only one ,my right is  a little dented from surgery, I will have a lovely scar.

Scared that one day I may not have any boobs.

Thanks for listening

  • Hi again  the Under 50's forum can be quite quiet so I would suggest posting on the main breast cancer forum as that's much busier and still has under 50's posting on there who you can hopefuly connect and vent with.  Click HERE  for the main forum.

  • Hi hun.hope your doing well.

    I'm 36 and had a lumpsectomy and lymph nodes removed three weeks ago.

    Left the house for the first time today was very emotional.

    Oncology appointment 4th April.cancer has now gone but radiotherapy to follow.its a very scary time isn't it xxx

  • My cancer was same as yours but stage 2 not 1 x

  • Update, hi, thanks for reply, I forgot I writ this.

    I've had surgery , recovered, now onto chemo, had one cycle of EC & been put on hormone therapy, leuprorelin.

    I've now caught covid from me mum, so I'm just ill at the moment, tested positive this morning. X

  • Aww hope your ok.

    How long ago was your surgery?

    How are you finding life after it xx

    Hope your feeling better soon x