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Hello community group I'm new my name is Nikki and I joined this group a few days ago. I have depression and anxiety plus social anxiety .I was diagnosed with breast cancer months ago. but I have already. had my surgery to remove the lump. I am now currently waiting on treatment for radiotherapy .and a talk with a doctor about chemotherapy. I'm not really good at makeing or starting conversation s .but I like to meet New People on here who feel the same way as me .and who are going through the same as me .I have already joined 2 other community group s .they welcomed me and they was very friendly. people I hope to feel calm and comfortable sharing here with others .also if you would like someone to talk to I'm a good listener careing person we all need support .on here that's why we are here 

  • Hi  and welcome to the forum. Nice to hear that your treatment has started and the lump has been removed.  Hope the rest of your treatment follows shortly. The under 50's forum can be a bit quiet so you might want too ty posting in the main breast cancer forum.  Another way to connect with people is to reply to someone else's post.  CLICK HERE for main breast cancer forum.