Life after treatment and feeling alone

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Just wanted to reach out. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. I’ve completed treatment and am free from hospital now. I’m struggling in coming to terms with the ‘normal’ life again. I keep thinking every pain it’s come back and it’s getting to the point it’s consuming my thoughts all day/night.  

I know I’m extremely lucky and am trying meditating and mindfulness to help. 

Wondered how others are coping after it’s all finished ?

Thanks in advance 

  • Hi and congratulations on getting through it all and coming out the other end.  It will probably take some time from the date you finished treatment to feeling normal again.  A lot of people feel changed by cancer and so it can be a new kind of normal but slowly slowly it will hopefully dominate your thoughts less and less.

    If you click HERE there is an article written by a psycologist that lots of people find helpful.

    For me personally I feel the chances of it returning while I'm on hormone tablets are very minimal so I don't find my self worrying about it.  Not sure how am going to feel after 5 years are up and I'm no longer on them but for now I am in a good place with it all.

    Apparently 1 in 2 of us our going to get cancer in our lifetimes and my thinking is that all those people who have a 50% chance of getting cancer aren't spending their time worrying about it so why should I.  Having had cancer once already I feel my chances of getting it again are less than 1 in 2.  Add to that the fact that every concern I have is taken more seriously and investigate more thoroughly by doctors because I have a history of cancer makes me feel suitably looked after and reassured that anything wrong will get caught early.

    I had an inflamed thyroid recently and was sent straight to the radiologist only because of my history of breast cancer otherwise I would have had to wait at least 6 weeks like a non cancer patient would to see if it resolved itself. 

    We are all different and we all cope with this differently but hopefully the above helps you at least a little.

    Be patient and be kind to yourself and keep reaching out to people on here as that's another thing that has really helped me.

    Sending hugs x

  • Thank you for your message that’s very kind and will click on the link x

    Thank you
    TanyaSlight smile
  • Hello I just wanted to let you know about a brilliant book that helped me when my treatment finished a couple of weeks ago.  It's by Jen Rozenbaum called "what the **** just happened". 

    I laughed and cried through the chapters, it was very reassuring that my feelings and anxieties were totally normal. It's the first BC related book I have read which I really related to, it's positive and uplifting.

    There is a Facebook page too which I have just joined.

    With best wishes.

  • Thank you I will have a look for that and the FB page. 
    Thats very kind. 

    Thank you
    TanyaSlight smile
  • Hello. I'm usually on the main BC forum but pop in every now and then to this one. There is a course run by Breast Cancer Now called Moving Forward. I did it and it was a help but for me, I think i did it too soon after I had finished. I think it all done by zoom still but there is access to some good material to help you. Have a look on their website. Its a free course. 

  • I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the article which helped me tremendously to make sense of it all after treatment I never expect to be in limbo...somehow what I was experiencing was exactly bang on as what Dr Harvey said! 

    C x