Breast + Ovarian cancer in the same year

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Hi There

i am 48.. I was diagnosed with sage 2 breast cancer in January 2020 . December same year I found that I have stage 2 ovarian cancer. They are not connected with each other. They been growing separately at the same time in my body.

Anyone  there with similar experience?  

Thank you


  • I’m sorry to hear that Nana. I imagine it’s rare. 
    In answer to your question, I have not come across it.

    I’m aware of someone who had two types of breast cancer at the same time, which was treated. I had bone cancer five years ago and now breast cancer - there’s someone else with my combo who we came across in the research literature. 

  • Dear Greenery

    Thank you for writing to me.

    It’s so strange , can’t find much about it at all.

    I hope you are ok.

    Big kiss