Worried about neck pain with DCIS

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I have very recently been diagnosed with DCIS, haven’t been told anymore information. Waiting on lymph node biopsy results and MRI results. I am just wondering if anyone else in a similar position had neck and shoulder aches. It’s really worrying me. Thank you. 

  • Hi B32 welcome to the forum and sorry that you have not had a response as yet. This bit in limbo and the writing is the absolute pits your mind goes into over drive and results dont come back as quickly as we would want them to do. So Im not surprised that you are worrying its normal but not nice and the trick is to keep super busy and make time go a bit quicker.

    I suspect that those neck and shoulder pains will be related to the stress that you are under with all the waiting. Is that a possibility? xx


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  • Hi, thank you for your comment. I actually ended up ringing the nurses at my local breast unit today just to put my mind at ease. They spoke to my consultant and he said he wasn’t worried in the slightest. He said it could be from stress, not sleeping, anxiety and even from the biopsies I’ve had (uncomfortable positions etc). So that made me feel better. I just have to wait until Saturday for my results so I plan on keeping super busy for the rest of the week. Today turned out to be a better day so it’s nice to know there will be okay days too xx