Chronic pain

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Hi,I had surgery in November followed by radiotherapy which all went well over the last month I’ve had increasing pain from my breast, ribs and shoulder radiating down my arm I saw my consultant last week who has told me the pain is from the effects from the surgery and radiotherapy and not to use my left arm for anything but the exercises till I see him again on the 12th may.this pain is so debilitating I seem to be in tears most of the day the pain is nothing like I’ve ever had before has anyone else experienced this or has any advice on how to ease it a little as pain relief isn’t helping and it’s starting to get me very down, thank you 

  • Hi Poppy09 welcome to the forum and I am sorry to hear about how much pain you are in.The area that you describe as being painful is areas where the radiotherapy will have been directed and this could be the cause.

    This could also be nerves beginning to reconnect and that can be painful as well. Are you managing the exercises?.

    Im not sure about increased pain relief without medical input as this can interfere with other drugs. What about asking the Pharmacist for advice as they are good at knowing which drugs work best and which drugs don't.


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