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How often do the breast cancer nurses that you are assigned to supposed to contact you? Or is it just when you ring them? 
I just feel that since being diagnosed and having gone through all of the appointments that lead to diagnosis, surgery and now awaiting radio that I’ve not been contacted at all. Only if I’ve had a query or problem. Is this normal? 

  • Hi Kasey11 welcome to the forum and the short answer to your question is Yes some people need more help from them than others but they dont generally get in touch unless they need to after surgery etc or as you say if you ask something.

    Is there something thats worrying you that we could help with?.xxx


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  • Well it’s all worrying lol just wasn’t sure if they were supposed to contact you for support and see how you are getting on after surgery. Every day is different, I feel totally fine some days but then others it all seems terrifying. I’m not normally one that ever asks for support or help, it’s me that gives it! 
    I’m due to start tamoxifen when I pick up my prescription ( I think I can start it then, I’m. It sure)  and radiotherapy 1/06.