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I'm awaiting my next course of treatment after 5 months of chemo and surgery.  Am bloated, fatigued and all.my clothes are tight. Am trying to get back into walking again for my headspace as much as anything as my muscles are weak and also trying hard to get back to healthier eating.  Any advice on how to take back some control of my poor battered body welcomed please to help me feel stronger for the next phase 

  • Hi Baxinator, treatment can leave you feeling differently about your body. Walking is a good form of exercise, and it does give you that time to think, so I am glad you are looking to start that again. Maybe do it gradually, and build it up as you go along, increasing your walk each time. Remember though if you don't feel up to it, that is ok, it is your bodies way of telling you to rest. 

    I have found this information sheet that you might find helpful.  Just click on the link  eating-well-and-keeping-active it will take you to the page. 

    I wish you all the very best with the rest of your treatment x 


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