Moisturising cream for menopausal skin

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can anyone recommend a good day & night cream for menopausal skin but for under 50’s?!

everything on the market seems to be for ‘maturer’ skin...

chemo unfortunately triggered early menopause for me at 42...:(

thank you 

  • I looked for loads of natural face washes and creams during chemo and started using Compath Hemp Cream (from Amazon). It's brilliant and keeps skin lovely and moisturised. Amazon didn't have it recently and I bought a different hemp cream and my face was dry. Luckily they have it back in stock! I also use a natural face wash - Purechimp Natural Face Cleanser (also Amazon!) which I also find is much kinder to my skin. Likf you, I am now in an early menopause so will continuing using these now.

  • Hello

    Aveno is good. Also bio oil is great. 

    Hope this helps.

    Love julie x 

  • You can try Nivea for dry and sensitive skin product range.

  • Hi rexsi78,

    I am also 42 and chemo has triggered menopause (the gift that keeps on giving eh?! Rolling eyes). I've been using a Q10 night cream (from lidl) and my skin seems to be enjoying that. During the day I use e45 if I'm not wearing makeup.