Feeling so scared. Waiting for ct results

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I have recently been diagnosed with BC i have two lumps in one breast which are both different types of cancer and a few cancer cells in lymph nodes under my arm that side. I have had a ct scan of pelvis abdomen and chest and just feel so scared and praying it hasnt spread anywhere else....

My sister is going through stage 4 breast cancer at the moment which is why im feeling so scared i think... 

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    It's natural to be scared when you've been diagnosed with cancer and waiting for the results of scans and biopsies always seems to be especially hard.

    While you're waiting try to immerse yourself in things that you enjoy, not so easy during lockdown I know, so that you have less time to spend worrying about something that you can't control. Some people find mindfulness really useful and if this is something that might interest you clicking here will take you to the NHS page on mental health which includes links to mindfulness apps, some of which are free.

    You might also find this article on how to ease worry when waiting for medical tests helpful to have a look through.

    Do come back and let us know when you've got the results of your tests.


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