Early menopause - hot flushes?

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Hi lovely ladies,

I am just over halfway through 18 weeks of chemotherapy (I’m having weekly Taxol, with Pertuzumab, Carboplqtin and Heceptin with the Taxol every three weeks). I have all the fun side effects, tiredness, funny tummy, nausea, acne and some hair loss (but not all thanks to the cold cap) but this week a whole new fun has arrived in hot flushes!

I’m 36 and now haven’t had a period in over two months, since before the chemo started. This week I have started having lovely hot flushes mostly at night but some in the day. They don’t seem to last longer than 5/10 mins but are so hot and come on so suddenly! I was of course warned this may happen, and I think I have a few other menopausal symptoms but they could equally just be coping with chemo! 

So can any give me any tips for dealing with these? I am accepting if this is it for me period wise, I’m lucky to have two lovely boys and happy with my lot children wise.  Whilst I know that some women may start menopause during chemo but not complete the journey as it were I’m just looking with how to cope right now rather than starve it off unless that helps!

Thanks in advance, hope you’re all coping well x

  • Hi Kb_3 welcome to the forum and sorry that you haven't had  a reply as yet. Its a difficult one to answer with any certainty and maybe thats why no one has answered as yet. Im thinking though that maybe if you wanted to post the question in the  Ask A Nurse  section of the site and I have included the link below . They may be better able to answer your query.

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  • Thanks for the reply, I will give that a go :)

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    KB I sympathise with hot flashes; I have suffered terribly with these following medical onset menopause ref breast cancer.

    Having learned the hard way ! for me what worked was (1) cut out all caffiene and alcohol (I found this hard but it did make a difference) (2) have a well stocked freezer of ice for iced drinks all year round (3) star powa meno supplements worked for me (no I do not work for that company, it is just my personal experience and (4) getting back into a really gentle routine compared with my more wild younger years  - again i found it difficult but it did make a difference.  thinking of you hot flashes are horrible.  Bubbles x

  • Thanks for replying will look into all of these! Have already given up alcohol (didn’t really fancy whilst on chemo anyway) but still having the odd cup of tea so will wind that in as well.

    Take care x

  • Hi, I second cutting out caffeine or trying decaf - I've switched to decaf and that makes some difference. Wearing layers and hand held fans help. 

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    • I third the caffeine..switch your tea, no alcohol and what I got told by a nurse was chocolate..really bad for flushes..you can also recieve accupuncture to help with flushes. It does have a high succes rate too. Also got told..cooling pillow but, put it on your feet.

    Hope this helps