pertuzumab and trastuzumab

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I have completed chemo and had surgery but now I need 12 months of Herceptin and pertuzumab. Is anyone else on these treatments at all? 

Still have radiotherapy to go too. 


  • Hello

    I've just finished my year and can honestly say I didn't suffer hardly any side effects. All I had was a bit of diarrhoea now and then. Hope this helps.......

    Julie x 

  • Hi Julie, 

    thank you for that. Did you have a picc line fitted for the whole time? I have had my last chemo so really want to get mine taken out. 

    Donna x

  • Hello Donna,

    I never had a pic line, I had it in my hand via cannula. I had chemo the same way.....7 sessions with last 4 including pertuzamab and trastuzumab. 

    Julie x

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    Hi julie,

    I have to complete the 12 months of Trastuzumab  & Pertuzumab after finishing my previous 6  sessions of chemotherapy which the last 3 of these sessions included these 2 drugs.

    I have had surgery,  a therapeutic mammoplasty and just about to start 4 weeks of radiotherapy starting 11th February. 

    I have no start date yet for this targeted  treatment 

    Did you have to do the GCSF injections at home?

    These used to make me feel pretty rubbish .

    My hair and eyelashes etc are just starting to show some growth so I hope this forthcoming treatment doesn't stop it in it's tracks!

    For all you other lovely ladies going through this unwanted journey,  keep your spirit up, the light at the end of the tunnel is shining very brightly for all of you.  The treatments may  seem daunting and scary and SE are not always nice but they sure do kick the butt out of the cancer!

    Lots of love and hugs 

    Lesleyanne xx

  • Hello lesleyanne

    Yes I had to do those injections. Made me feel awful and I had alot of bone pain with them.

    You will be fine on herceptin and perjeta and it didnt affect my hair growth at all. 

    Love julie x 

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    Hi julie,  thanks for your reply.  Yes the 3 sessions I  had with the chemo made my bones ache so I must admit I'm not looking forward to that again. But they are there to boost the immune system so are a good thing!

    I had my covid vaccine yesterday and apart from a sore arm and a bit of a headache I feel ok.

    Today I had the 1st of my radiotherapy only, another 19 to go.

    I hope you are keeping well

    Big hugs

    Lesleyanne x

  • Hi, how was your radiotherapy? I have my scan on Tuesday to start mine.


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    Hi Donna

    I just had the 2nd one this morning,  apart from the early appointments everything is going well.  The staff are all lovely and friendly and made me feel at ease. 

    My first appointment I had to be there about 40 minutes prior to the treatment,  but that was just to discuss about my treatment plan go through any questions I might have and to give me all the times and dates going forward.

    Today's I was only there about 20 minutes. 

    I still have 18 more to go but hey ho!

    I was a bit tired and headachey yesterday but I put that down to the covid vaccine I had on Wednesday. 

    The staff said that the time will fly by and I'll be finished before I know it.

    Good luck with your treatment. 

    Lesleyanne x