Worried about spread

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I had a mastectomy 5 weeks ago, lobular er+ her2- meeting oncologist for first time next week. My lymph nodes were clear and clear margins but had a few aches and pains and breathlessness, don't feel that well so really worried it's spreaConfoundedd or that they've missed something in the left breast. More waiting, know I'll be a reck just before the appointment. ConfoundedConfoundedConfoundedConfoundedHad a tummy ct so will get results of that and also oncotype test. Finding it all traumatising, don't know what to think. Fearing the worst. Any words of advice?


  • Hi,

    Its really good news that you got clear margins and your nodes were clear.

    I'm sorry that you find it so scary at the moment. After the trauma of what we have been through we worry about every ache and pain and things we wouldn't usually take notice of become a concern. So i understand.

    My nodes were not clear...2 were positive so it was chemo and radiotherapy for me followed by 10 years of tamoxifen (i was er+ her2-).

    The waiting and anxiety and worry and stress are just awful.....but your not alone.

    Although i cant take your worries away....just know i'm thinking of you and sending you hugs and positive thoughts.

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    Thank you! I'm worried about my left breast too, it feels tender near the armpit. There were a few enhancements on the original mri that they weren't worried about but I'm worried they've missed something given the tumor was several cm bigger then they thought when they cut it out. 

    And sorry for all the emojis. I didn't mean to put those in and it wouldn't let me edit! Xx

  • This is a very late reply, but I am where you were two years ago…breathless, aches and pains whilst awaiting pathology results. Did it turn oht to be anything sinister or just anxiety?