Abcess during Chemo

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Hi all. 

I am on my 6th cycle with Placlitaxel.  

I have had an episode of abcess now, unfortunately it was quiet big and painful so had to be done under General Anesthetia on 8th april.

I have my next chemo due on 13th April. 

Has anyone else been through any of this ?

I am guessing that my chemo might be moved. 

Any advise would be useful. 

Thanks and Best Wishes. 

  • Hi, I just noticed you’ve not had any replies yet and whilst I am sorry I can't answer your questions, I wanted to acknowledge your post.  You might want to report in the main breast cancer group as it does tend to be busier with more people with more experience.  Or you could call the lovely people at MacMillan on 0808 808 0000 and have a chat with them. Best wishes

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