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Hello all , 

I am on EC chemotherapy - 2 cycles done. I noticed this morning my tooth has chipped. I am using Biotene toothpaste. and have not faced any mouth ulcer yet. 

I am really anxious, as i met someone who had actually lost a tooth due to her chemo. 

I have lost all the hair just last week and trying hard to cope with that. and now this.. i am really scared. 

any experiences or suggestions will be useful. 

Regards to all 

  • Hi   chemo is scary, in fact in some ways I found the thought of it more scary than the cancer itself, but most people do manage through chemo pretty okay in the end.  I've not heard of a chipped tooth being a consequence of chemo personally, but I must admit I'm not an expert.  You might want to give the lovely team at Macmillan a call on 0808 808 0000 and have a chat with them to reassure yourself.

    I lost my hair after my 2nd chemo and that was tough. I decided to go for a wig, a completely different look to my usual style, and I found that worked well for me. I hope you have found a good wig, or some nice scarves, to help you through this time.

    I hope the rest of your EC goes ok. But do keep popping in here, or to the regular breast cancer forum (which is usually much busier) if you have any more questions.  Here's the link for you Breast Cancer Forum

    best wishes

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  • Hello IrishGirl16, Thanks for your reply. 

    hopefully rest of the chemo should be managable. got 5 more to go. 

    Best regards