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Hi all, 

Need some advise about the PICC line. I started my chemo on 19th Jan so got my PICC line in. i have had a PICC line reaction and was given another dressing. Sorry, cannot remember names. Now have got another dressing, but i am still feeling itchy there. I am just looking for some suggestions as to what worked for anyone here?


  • Hi SR1, 

    I am sorry you are having a bad reaction to the PICC line dressing. Mine was resolved by changing the dressing type, so I am afraid I cannot help you. The nurse had to let my skin settle for a good 30 mins though before re-applying a new dressing. That seemed to do the trick for me. I would suggest you share the same message on the main Breast Cancer Forum board as there is more traffic there and I am sure one of the lovely ladies will be able to assist you. 

    All the best. XX

  • Hi   I too get a reaction from the dressing for my PICC line. I think for me it’s the glue I have a slight allergy with. I would ask the nurse to change to a different type of dressing until you find one that suits. Once I found one I always have the same. I do still get a small reaction but not like I did initially! Chemo also gives you really dry skin so perhaps making sure you moisturise around it with E45 or something and get the air to it a bit (I.E no bandage or sleeve when you can) as I found that dries my skin out more an exacerbates the reaction! 

    good luck! 

  • thanks i think we have tried 3 types now, hopefully the 3rd one will settle, feeling the itchyness a little bit, but managable. yes keeping it moisturised as much as possible. Best wishes 

  • Thanks. I am on my 3rd type of dressing now. this one seems to have the least itch, hopefully this should settle. Best wishes