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Hi all 

I’m newly diagnosed (Mar21) with stage 3 hgc ovarian cancer currently on chemo. All tumours have  been removed along with all abdominal lady bits. I have been confirmed brca1 positive and awaiting my genetics consultation. 
I would really love to hear from anyone that’s been on a similar journey to connect with for support of understanding preventative surgery, maintenance chemo and to understand impacts to my family.  
Many thanks in advance. 

  • Hi   Tracey and welcome to the Online Community. It's good to read your surgery has been successful and you are currently undergoing chemotherapy.

    I can understand your anxieties now you've been confirmed BRCA1 Positive wondering whether to have preventative surgery and how it might impact on your family, unfortunately I myself can't offer any insight but whilst waiting for someone from this group to come along and share experiences it might be a good idea to type in BRCA1 positive into the search bar at the top of the page and you will find lots of answers. Otherwise scroll through older posts and reply to any that you think you might want to reply to or ask a question.

    It might also be a good idea if you join our Ovarian cancer group as some of the ladies there might have had the same diagnosis.

    Once you've had your genetics consultation come back and share your thoughts and I'm sure you'll get support here.

    It’s always helpful to others if you write a little something (or a lot) about yourself and your journey to date. You can enter it into your profile (click on your username and select “Profile”) It’s helpful to other members with a similar diagnosis who can then hopefully answer your questions. It also means that you don't have to keep writing the same thing over and over. You can amend or update it at any time. 

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    Sending you welcoming hugs B xx

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  • Hi Tracey,sorry to hear you carry the BRCA1 geneSlight frown. I do too, I’ve had breast cancer, surgery chemo and radiotherapy. I went on to have preventative surgery other breast removed and ovaries/ tubes removed. The gene gives you a higher % of developing breast or ovarian cancer.Sadly my sister lost her courageous battle with ovarian cancer.You may need more preventive surgery to make sure you don’t get breast cancer,it’s a hard journey and I hope you are coping with your treatment.

    If I can help you with any information drop me a line.

    Take care,