New car day - another first alone

I’m disabled and am lucky enough to have a motability  car but it was due to be changed earlier this  year. My beloved died at the same time so I was given more time to change. Today the new car was ready so I drove alone to collect it - the first car I’ve bought alone for almost forty years.

My beloved husband knew the car needed changing and I’m sure he was by my side as I drove to a town I don’t know very well to collect the car. It feels so strange to know he’ll never drive it the same way it felt  odd when our nephew and his family moved to a new house last week that he will never see. 

These firsts are so hard aren’t they? 

I wish you all well with your firsts. 

June xx

  • i agree the firsts are hard, We bought a new car in June (Rob passed in August), all of a sudden a few weeks ago there was a warning sign that came up about tyre pressure, I went to try to pump it up but nothing and realised that it needed more than that!  First time ever of going to a tyre place, seems I had a puncture to get fixed.

    Was quite proud of myself as this was a Rob Job to do and I had managed on my own.

    Considering i’m very capable in my work life i’m not so capable with home life! 

  • Yes, I agree, I really dread anything running out in the house, which will need replacing with something my Wife isn’t involved with. There wasn’t anything we didn’t discuss together. Our dining chairs are in a bad way, they were like this before Linda passed, it seemed almost cheaper to buy new chairs than have these restored, we kept flitting back and forth between repair or replace, but never made a decision, well they are so bad now, that every time one is sat on, pieces of the covering fall off onto the floor. I have found that homeserve will restore them for £90 + VAT per chair whereas the previous quote of almost double, from a different company, seemed far too much. So will very likely go ahead, but feels wrong that Linda wasn’t here to decide with me. The material they have is slightly lighter than the original, but Linda wasn’t keen on dark furniture, so will be better I hope. She had me re paint 12 doors that had been painted with sadolin some years ago, White, was quite a project, 24 sides, plus the loft hatch and another small cupboard, but although I initially didn’t agree ( mainly because of the work involved) I agreed, because A she usually knows what’s best and B it would make the hallways and stairwell etc a lot lighter. But now Linda is no longer with me, the thought of changing anything, feels me with dread.

    take care and keep safe


    When you think I love you all I can, I’m gonna love you a little bit more Heart
    Rest in Peace and Rise in glory my Beautiful Linda