Terminal Breast Cancer

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My mum have stage 4 metestatic breast cancer that has spread to her lungs, meninges, bones and liver - her liver is failing so she can’t get treatment and has been told she has weeks to live - i don’t understand why a liver transplant wasn’t an option ( i don’t know if this is a silly question by someone with little medical background but i thought getting the reason might put my mind at rest) 

  • Dear brokenrose24

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    My name is Gemma, I’m one of the Cancer Information Nurses on the Macmillan Support Line. I am sorry to hear that your Mum has metastatic breast cancer and that she is unable to receive further treatment.


    The question you have asked is not silly. We do not have access to your mum's medical notes here at the Macmillan Online Site, so can only advise on your question, Here is some information on Liver Metastasis In Breast Cancer. There are times when a patient’s condition may not be suitable for more active treatments and therefore care will be aimed at ensuring a patient’s comfort.

    Liver transplants are not an option for treatment in liver metastasis when sadly the cancer is in other organs as well, But I am glad you asked the question to put your mind at rest.

    Check with your Mums clinical team/GP to see if they have referred her to some additional supportive care

    Many families find the help of Macmillan or palliative care nurses invaluable. Palliative care nurses are experts in managing symptoms such as pain, sickness, or breathlessness. They can also give emotional support and practical advice to you and people close to you. They help you live as well as possible. Your cancer doctor or nurse, your GP or community nurse can refer your Mum to the local service if you ask and they feel it is appropriate.

    Please consider giving us a call – we are so much better at providing information and support in sensitive situations such as these when we can talk together. Our contact details are at the bottom of my response. I think we can be so much more helpful to you by telephone.


    Our Online Community Forum can be helpful to talk to others who have been through your situation and have shared experiences


    Take Care

    Gemma. Cancer Information Nurse Specialist


    You can also speak with the Macmillan Support Line team of experts. Phone free on 0808 808 0000 (7 days a week, 8am-8pm) or send us an email

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