Free covid test kits

Just heads up, if anyone is classed as vulnerable and usually orders Covid test kits by phone or online, this service ceased on 16th November.
The information on the App advises you can still collect these from pharmacies by providing details of eligibility, however, having tried most chemists around Penn, with no success, And 119 twice, it now appears they have no idea which chemists have " signed up" to this scheme.
I have contacted ICB and Healthwatch, Healthwatch advised I can pick up at chemist??
Any further information will be passed on ASAP. In the meantime, if anyone has more information, can we share please.

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    You’re correct the eligibility for free COVID testing in England has now changed. You are now only eligible for free rapid lateral flow tests from a pharmacy, if you would be eligible to have COVID-19 treatments.

    I can understand your concern about the availability of COVID tests, and it may be worth discussing with your haematology team your concerns regarding being unable to access COVID tests. You could ask if they can provide lateral flow tests and for them to clarify what you should do if you are feeling unwell or concerned you have COVID symptoms.  

     Find a pharmacy may help you contact more pharmacies to enquire about stocks of free rapid lateral flow tests.

    It may help to contact us by phone to discuss your concerns and see if we can support you in other ways.


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  • Since then, I have heard back from local ICB.

    They have found 4 pharmacies in my city that are currently signed up to the scheme. 

    It is a disgrace that a service should cease before ensuring advertised alternative is installed.

    If one has a family member to collect , the information they need to obtain a bicycle is as flows.

    Full Name 


    Hospital number

    Condition for eligibility.