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My husband has stage 4 prostate cancer with mets in many bony areas.

Our younger son is competing in an international rowing regatta in Boston USA at the end of Oct 2023.

Do you know of any way that he would be able to get insurance and support( maybe wheelchair hire f for when he gets tired) to travel to the USA to support our son? 

I think he feels that there is no way this could ever happen, I know he would love to go. He has supported our son at every regatta he has competed at in the UK over the last 5 years. 

thanks for listening


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    One of our Financial Guides will reply to your query as soon as they can. In the meantime, there are a few other discussion threads in this section which talk about travel insurance, so you may find it helpful to have a look at some of the previous answers our advisers have given.

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    Wishing your son all the best for their regatta in Boston!

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  • Hello 


    Thanks for getting in touch. I’m sorry to hear about your husbands diagnosis.

    What a wonderful achievement for your son, you must be very proud of him!  I can understand why you are keen to go and support him.

    Getting travel insurance following a serious cancer diagnosis can be challenging, particularly when travelling to the United States.

    Hopefully this information may be of some help to you, however we can’t recommend any financial products or services.

    Firstly it may be worth looking on our online community. We have a helpful travel insurance group here. On this page people affected by cancer discuss their experiences trying to get travel insurance and post recommendations of companies they’ve personally used. By using the information provided by others who have been in a similar position, hopefully you can make a shortlist of companies to try. 


    Another option for finding travel insurance is the Travel Insurance Directory which has been created by MoneyHelper (a separate organisation to Macmillan).  The directory can be used to search for FCA approved travel insurers who may offer cover to people with pre-existing medical conditions. Please visit their directory here.

    Do you have any travel insurance cover in place through your bank account or a credit card? They won’t usually automatically cover for pre-existing health conditions, but if you’ve got this cover already through a product it’s worth checking on. They may be able to offer full cover if a top-up fee is paid.

    You’ve probably already realised when applying for cover so far, that a lot of companies will ask you very similar or even the same questions. The medical screening systems they use are often the same, which leads to a bit of repetition with the questions. Please don’t let this put you off, despite being asked similar questions each company will have their own quote at the end if they can offer cover – so it is worth persisting and shopping around. If you’re struggling to properly explain your situation with the questions asked, you can ask if it’s possible for the company to manually underwrite the policy. This is where a person would look at your health situation and decide whether to offer cover and at what price, rather than a computer making the decision. Some companies may do this as their standard procedure.

    You may encounter some companies that offer a policy with a cancer-related exclusion. This means you wouldn’t be covered for any claims relating to the cancer. This could affect the premium considerably, but it’s good to consider the risk of not being covered for anything relating to the cancer.

    One last thing I’d like to mention is about the insurance those you’re travelling with have. Some policies may cover cancellation if something happens to a ‘close family relative’. The exact cover would be explained in your policy documents, it’s a good idea to check exactly what may be covered. Some companies may only cover cancellation due to a close relative’s illness if it was disclosed and they were told about the person’s health conditions beforehand.

    Regarding your query around wheelchair  I’ve attached a link for the Red Cross, hope this helps.

    I hope this information helps and that you’re able to get cover in place. If you have any further questions or would like to discuss matters such as Pensions, Mortgages or Estate Planning, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.


    Yours Sincerely,


    Financial Guide