Anyone's pet had same diagnosis as themself at the same time?

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Hi everyone, new to this forum but I've been on thyroid forum for a while. Only just felt strong enough to post about this here.

About a month after my own op in June, my vet sadly diagnosed my older dog Skye with thyroid cancer with spread to lymph nodes. Exactly the same diagnosis as me!!

I've always had a special bond with Skye and we've done so much together, a great agility dog and even when my health was declining and I gave agility up, we holidayed around Scotland in my van, just us two. Goes without saying I'm completely devastated. It seems so much harder to see this happening to her.

Unfortunately her prognosis was months but thankfully for the time being (apart from some classic symptoms that don't seem to bother her) she continues to be blissfully unaware and her normal happy self, enjoying walks and eating well!

But it made me wonder. Anyone else's pet had the same diagnosis as themself at the same time?

  • Hi  

    I'm really sorry to read that Skye has also been diagnosed with cancer and, having had dogs myself, I know how devastating it is to lose them.

    I'm glad to read that she is enjoying herself and going about life as normal. I sometimes think it would be helpful if we could think more like an animal as they don't worry about the future but just live in the now.

    Best wishes to you both


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  • Thank you for your reply Anne, yes you're so right. She seems blissfully unaware of what's happening. And that's so much better than for us and those around us, with our brains constantly in overdrive.

    To be more present is constantly quoted but I'm not sure how realistically achievable it is, especially under such trying circumstances. Once again we can learn alot from our dogs Slight smile

  • Sending you both love and hugs. Fate has brought you together for support and shared understandings. On a wider forum I'm sure there would be similar experiences. Very special bond Heart

  • Thank you Holly23, yes you're right of course this isn't really the forum for this. I guess it just helped me a bit to put it into words. An incredible bond, made all the stronger through our shared experience x

  • Sorry, I meant other platforms that reach more people, on Facebook etc. I've only just worked out how to add notifications here! 

    Come to think of it, my dog and I seemed to be ill with the same thing at times. It is really hard to understand how and why.