Is there a daily login system somewhere for socially-isolated cancer patients who live alone with pets?

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Hello everyone, I hope someone will be able to advise me with this issue about pets.

I've recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer, I may have a few years to live, or not, but one of the things which is worrying me, among the many things to think about, is what would happen to my 2 cats if I was to die a sudden death. Perhaps the greater likelihood is I'd be in hospital in the end and could contact an animal charity about them, but I have to cover all the eventualities this disease may land my way.

I'm a loner, I've long believed that I may have adult autism, possibly undiagnosed Aspergers, I have nobody I could call a friend, the family I was close to have all died before me, I live miles away from extended family, and a next door neighbour I knew quite well moved away 2 years ago, so I have almost no social contacts or anyone who would quickly notice I had died and thought "hang on, he has cats". I'm not even seen about as much as I would have been due to mobility issues caused by spinal surgery due to cancer.

I can make provision for their future welfare in my Will, but what I need is some sort of login system where I could say each day "I'm still here", and then if I failed to do this and messages and phone calls went unanswered, a welfare visit would take place, using the keysafe already installed for future use, and my pets would be taken away to be rehomed, following information provided to the system.

The nearest thing I've found to this idea is something the County Council runs. Part of its Lifeline system at £9 a week, which I'm prepared to pay, and will use if it's the only thing I can find, includes a phone call for a chat twice a week to see how someone is doing. I'm independent, coping reasonably well with everything, and currently don't need carers, so for me the call would only be useful for the sake of the cats, but at twice a week it might still mean I'd been dead 4 or 5 days before any action was taken to rescue them, be they locked indoors or outside.

Does anyone know of a daily paid-for service like what I've described? I've tried to find such a service online without success, but may not be using the right search words, am hoping a pet owner on here may have heard of something along these lines.

  • Hi Steve , sorry to hear that you have found yourself in this position.   I am not aware of a daily service but Age UK,   Macmillan and Salvation Army offer a weekly buddy service so you could arrange alternate days with all three.   

  • Hi Mick,

    Thank you for replying, I didn't know about those buddy services so will look into them, maybe utilise one alongside the County Council's Lifeline service. Eventually I'll need a carer to visit and they would take care of this, but for now something else needs putting in place for peace-of-mind. Thank you again.