Ding Ding round 3 under the belt

So I’m 5 days post round 3 (EC)

I am knackered! Chemo went as usual, very nice different nurse got good vein first time, nice little bruise but that ok. I took 2 paracetamol before the cold cap this time and it took the edge off the bite but we tolerated it. Hubby had to go walk about due to time limits for visits. But came back in time for the good stuff. Felt a bit dizzy throughout but think that’s combination of looking at screen and cold cap. All done and dusted in 3 hours, a nice little gentle walk around town before going home, (face mask on) thankfully remembered baseball cap to cover dank hair from cold cap. Feel nauseous all evening but have early nite and it passes. Tummy injection not pleasant but ok, I’ll be glad not to do these! 

The steroids help the first few days pass without many side effects, it’s more on the 4th day the fatigued hits. Hubby goes to work and I potter around the house, feel out of it, doing housework but always something more to do. Chemo brain playing games, just feel like I haven’t stopped and can’t decide what to do next. Evening passes in a half wake, half sleep fog. Think I need to take it easy tomorrow.