Breast cancer

Chemo starts in about 2 weeks. 3 chemo treatments every other week (Epirubicen and Cyclophosphamide) . After that 12 weeks of Paclitaxel, weekly chemo, and zoledronic acid. When I start the Paclitaxel chemo I also get Phesgo treatment every 3 weeks. I will have a pickline in my arm for the chemo which will be removed when the chemo is finished. It saves them putting a cánula in as well for when they take blood before the chemo. When the chemo is finished it will probably be a mastectomy. I will be on Letrazole tablet (1 per day) after the chemo is finished. Or do I choose a mastectomy first. Big decision to make. 

  • Just started my EC chemo two days ago. Had piccline inserted last Wednesday. 6 months of chemo then surgery after. Feel quite frightened of what I am about to go through but want to get this out of me.

  • I am on day 18 of my chemo EC. don't listen to all the gloomy stories I have been fine and I used the cold cap. I have lost about 25% of my hair today and that was horrible, but I was expecting it. I am doing lots of exercise and keeping myself busy.