Day 6

Definitely a blue day, the worst bit is my mouth it tastes of death, I usually love my food and cannot find anything I fancy:(

Had acid reflux too and took two gaviscone ( not sure I was allowed too…!) but helped. In the end couldn’t decide if nauseous or not so took a metclopermide just in case….!!

Perhaps I will drop a dress size or two….that could be a positive…!!  

  • Hi, enjoying your blog. You might try pineapple and cucumber (though maybe not together) but these were two things I could eat that didn’t taste ugh!   And ask your BCN or Oncologist about Omeprazole. I had horrific heartburn / indigestion whilst on TCHP and a daily Omeprazole, then two during the few days around each chemo, really helped. Good luck with getting through cycle 1

  • I will ask them about Omeprazole as I too have heartburn/acidity as well…..!!!! 
    Thank you X