Day 1

The one thing you don’t need is stress! Alarmed that my 40 minute journey to Brighton (Royal Sussex County Hospital) would be hampered by major roadways so a 40 mins journey took an hour and 20 but arrived with 10 mins to spare for 09:30 appointment time!

So 6 cycles of TCHP Taxotere (Docetaxel) Carboplatin Herceptin & Pertuzumab Echo result was ok (phew) ECG done, cannula in, Paxman cold cap on! Deliberated on cold cap but 5/100 can have permanent hair loss with Docetaxel and if you don’t do it the first time with the cap you cannot start afterwards! Cap was fine even the first 10mins of brain freeze was bearable, there is good  information on the Paxman website and Claire Paxman video on Instagram was worth watching on putting it on, so was prepared for it. 

I am very lucky to have Phesgo (Herceptin & Pertuzumab) via a sub cutaneous injection over 8 mins into my thigh, thereafter will be 5mins and will continue for a total of 12 months. Before you got it IV so a massive help with lowering treatment times.

My lovely nurse Ryan then came back with the “hardcore stuff” the Docetaxel meant to infuse over 1 hour. After a few minutes had some very painful lower abdominal cramps, so beeped the buzzer, as was told too if any reactions….treatment stopped extra IV antihistamine given, observations were ok, so after 30 mins restarted. This is quite common apparently, but with slowing it down it all went in ok. The Carboplatin after that was absolutely fine. 
Left the unit at 17:30 home at 18:30!


I cut my long hair into a shorter bob, and took hairband for pre cap, I also had a fab turban towel from dock & bay which I had never used so after cold cap off I put this on my damp/conditioner hair for the journey home!

Froze grapes and popped into a chilly flask to suck when the Docetaxel went through but with all the drama went to them a little later and they were cold but defrosted! The drug can cause a dry/sore mouth sucking on ice is meant to help protect it, soggy grapes may not have, time will tell!

Had gels removed from toenails pre chemo and had a treat pedicure and manicure with Nailberry Oxygenating polish (which I bought) in a black red. The poison, oops Docetaxel, can cause discolouration of nails so this may prevent. Plus bought (it’s expensive but probably the cost of 1 pedicure) PolyBalm (Amazon) to massage into my cuticles helps prevent them drying out &  lifting off and Ryan also told me about it, so right stuff to try!!!

Hope helpful info x

  • Thank you so much for the tip about PolyBalm. I just looked this up online, then suddenly noticed that my nails have also turned very pale pink. (Some of the other images for nail damage on chemotherapy were infinitely worse.) :-)