Cycle 4/6 Two thirds through!

Cycle 4/6 Two thirds through!

Cycle 3-4 went really well. Side effects negligible as managed them well. My heart rate stayed below 90 this time, no nausea and managed to have no Diarrhoea as took a daily loperamide for a few days as in week 3 I had a few social events and didn’t want it ruined by the dreaded D!!

So had Cycle 4 of TCHP on Wednesday and it went smoothly, cannula in first time, got to the unit at 9am and was out at 3pm!

Cold capping working well but I got my back up wig (see below photo) as hair now very dry and am losing a bit at the back where my crown is, but really pleased with the results. The wig is from the Raquel range, they are really good.

Thinking ahead to Phesgo only from June to December do I still take anti sickness and steroids? Do I have to take care days 6-14 re low immunity do I still have to inject Filgrastim?

Questions to ask the Oncologist on the 6th May, but if you know the answers can you let me know? Thanks for reading Slight smile