Cycle 3/6 halfway there!!

Cycle 3/6 halfway there!!

Well it wasn’t the best way to spend my 57th birthday but if it gives me more birthdays I am not complaining.

l was quite scared of the cannula blowing again so got to the unit on time but nervous. Had to wait an hour to go in as my notes were not taken through to the nurses so was upset as it was my birthday!! I took chocolates in for the lovely nurses. My usual nurse was off so a new nurse who thank goodness got my vein first time, phew!! Then more anxiety as the Zoledronic Acid wasn’t given cycle 2 as the cannula tissued and for some reason it hadn’t been prescribed despite me actually mentioning this to my oncologist at my OPA on the Monday before….! Luckily it was sorted and I left the unit at 3:30pm so was pleased I got to enjoy some of my birthday.

Cold cap, the nurses are not all trained properly on how to put the grey outer cap on, I was a bit concerned this time and I couldn’t do it myself as cannula was in and I didn’t want to risk it moving if I tried to adjust the cap. So just left it…time will tell. I have been lucky so far shedding a bit but still have a full bob length of hair so far.

When I saw the oncologist I mentioned my heart rate which goes fast and was skipping beats but he didn’t seem too concerned as did resolve itself. He examined me and couldn’t feel the tumour or the lymph nodes so I was pleased with that. Next oncologist appointment in May before cycle 6, but with someone new, a female oncologist, hope the scans and echo are done prior so at least we know what is actually going on. Am facing my chemo after effects much better, I suck on an ice lolly (take in a thermos flask and ask to go in the unit freezer) when I have the Taxotere and I do think it helps my taste buds so I can eat a little better post chemo. Am putting dark varnish  on nails pre chemo and massaging PolyBalm and jojoba oil into hands and feet and nails and so far not discoloured or hurting. I had Carboplatin tracking where the cannula blew taking a while to go down, but the Udderly Smooth moisturiser is helping that, link in my last blog.