Cycle 2 - Valentines Week!

Cycle 2 - Valentines Week!

I feel after the first TCHP cycle I learned a lot so prepared myself well for cycle 2 which took place yesterday. My week before I felt back to normal so I ate nutritious meals did a little exercise and got good sleeps too. I was anxious yesterday as I had reacted to the docetaxol last time with abdominal cramps, and a high heart rate between day 3-8! I am also cold capping which has gone well for me so far, I have thick curly hair which I had cut into a shoulder bob just before, minimal shedding so far! I take 2 paracetamol 30mins before cold cap first 10 mins feel it and then get used to it.

Had the phesgo sub cut into my thighs first over 5 mins, my veins played up, and it took 3 attempts to cannulate me, then IV dexamethasone & a ondansetron tablet as a pre med, then the  dreaded Docetaxol, but thank goodness no reaction, then Carboplatin.

My cannula slightly tissues just as the Carbo finishes. I was meant to then have the Zolodronic Acid IV but they had forgotten to ask for a calcium level on my pre bloods form, so it was going to take an hour to do that, and I would need another cannula, so I asked if it could wait for cycle 3, my veins just couldn’t take more attempts, and luckily they agreed! So I got there at 09:30am and left at 4pm, result. My hand is sore at the puncture site  but no tissue tracking so I think it was taken out in time! Just using ice packs on it 3-4 times.

Taking the oral Ondansetron and Dexamethasone as prescribed, had a slice of toast and porridge, I know from last time day 1-6 were good for eating ok, then day 6 the taste of death appeared in my mouth and days 6-12 I couldn’t eat! I could only drink blackcurrant squash, plain water tasted awful, using a glass with a straw and cold water helped me.

This time I took an Omeprazole yesterday and am going to do this daily for a week to help prevent gastritis which I had last time, I am also going to continue with probiotic actimel drinks, as got the ok from my nurse, am hoping it will help me before the dreaded diarrhoea starts which was days 7-14 ( last time), loperamide controlled it to just 1-2 episodes in that week, thank goodness!! I also researched that glutamine can help but the nurse advised no supplements, but am going to ask my oncologist when I see him on the 7th March before my 3rd cycle on the 9th, my 57th birthday as well!!!