5/6 done!

5/6 done!

Arrived at the unit at 9, realised I had left my phone in husbands car panic ensued as listening to podcasts makes the time go more quickly luckily he discovered it and bless him came back with it so crisis averted!!! I had a lovely male nurse today who managed my care perfectly, cannula went in, pre meds, cold cap, Phesgo, Docetaxel & Carboplatin was my cocktail today. When the Phesgo needle came out I tried to be helpful and pressed on the site, interestingly he told me not to press as it will bruise, too late and for the 2nd time I now have a big bruise on my thigh! Note to self do not press in the future, perhaps that’s what happened the time before? I left at 14:45 and home by 15:30 result!!

Had my breast MRI on 12th April am seeing the oncologist on 6th May, before the last cycle on 11th May!! Hope that goes to planFingers crossed

i use the cold cap, hair has thinned about 30% lost have a slight bald patch on the crown but can cover with a comb over!!

Managed my symptoms well last cycle and the best thing was my heart rate stayed below 95, so no palpitations this time!! Diarrhoea well controlled on Loperamide I took 1-2 on the known worst days, pBlushphylactically so I could go out for lunch with my 2 best friends on Easter Saturday and we had friends here for lunch on Easter Monday with our 3 month old GodsonBlush

My haemoglobin has dropped to 90g/L from 101 last time, am feeling more tired but not breathless hope it stabilises and I don’t have to have a transfusion! Trying to eat (on good days) iron rich food, spinach, fortified cereal, eggs,  and red meat.

Mouth good only have had one ulcer in 5 cycles, I suck on an ice lolly when I have the Docetaxel and I swear that is why.

Nails ok, have one sore left big toe, but no sign of infection have put germoline on it which seems to have eased it! Still using PolyBalm which I think has helped as the skin either side of my nails feels hard after chemo and rubbing the PolyBalm in seems to work well at softening it.

Bit of a ramble through today! Hope it is helpful to you all on this journey xx