Day 3 and 4

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So the first day (Day 2 ) after treatment went ok. I was really tired after planting up barrels for the village winter flower displays and had to have a sleep after giving the dogs a quick walk, but generally felt ok. Bowels working fine etc.

Day 3 - felt a little bit “icky”, not sick at all, but just not quite right. I also had a slight headache for much of the day. I had a trip out with a friend to an art gallery and a light lunch, but felt my appetite was less than normal. Also noticed slight breathlessness walking back to the car. I’m fairly fit usually so this felt abnormal but wasn’t seriously worrying.

Day 4 - worked all day, interviewing online. Had to concentrate really hard, but managed the focus needed. I took lots of breaks and drank plenty. However from early afternoon I noted a hangover type headache. It’s lasted despite paracetamol and Brufen later, but has eased. I was exhausted at the end of the day and walking the dogs felt like very hard work. I got cold, despite wrapping up well, and couldn’t get warm all evening. Snuggled in 3 blankets to try and get warm. 

in bed early now, with a mild headache and feeling desperately tired. Bowels sull’ perfectly fine. Appetite okay today. 

  • Well done for working, that must be really hard. The fatigue, yes, I get this. I was a very fit and active person and loved being outside and active. The chemo has kicked me pretty hard. Especially the first week following my hospital drip day (I have a drip followed by two weeks of chemo pills to take at home) I am getting out for short walks most days - but if napping was an Olympic sport, I'm pretty sure that I would win!