Go on, climb that hill!

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Go on, climb that hill!Go on, climb that hill!

It was wet, windy and very cold and that was at the bottom of the hill I’m looking up at. It wasn’t a terribly big hill but I knew it would still cause me pain. Whilst the rain splashed onto our jackets and the wind howled, Chris and I looked at each other and we both said “do we really want to go up that?” Of course we do……. no pain, no gain!  So we went up the hill and it hurt.  Up there, it was wetter, windier and colder!  However, for me, the ‘euphoric high’ was worth it.

I suspect this is a common predicament for a cancer patient, do I ‘climb that hill’ or do I walk away? This ‘metaphoric hill‘ might be a number of things from simply venturing outside the house to a full blown adventurous holiday.  It might be a simple bit of gardening, a walk to the shops (mall) or something more physical. Whatever it is, the common elements are motivation and willpower.

However, if you are fighting cancer and are being affected by the symptoms or the side effects of treatment, it can be easy to opt to stay within your ‘protective zone’ even though you know the ‘hill‘ will do you some good.  I know I do!

Sometimes you just need to go and climb that hill!

The 'euphoric high' is kicking in!The ‘euphoric high’ is kicking in!







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