My evening walks on the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds

  • A Year On, some sentiments and memories.

    Some of you may remember my blog, 'Midsummer Poppies', I went back to the field where I took the pics, havent been back there since Mum died, I made a point and went tonight, as it is exactly a year since I discovered the field of poppies, I went same time of day, early evening, and it was very much like last year, a warm hazy summer evening, I took mums dog with me, the poppy field is now a field of barley, a field of…

    • 21 Jun 2011
  • A most beautiful poem 'The Dash' by Linda Ellis

    I read of a man who stood to speak at the funeral of a friend. He referred to the dates on her casket from beginning to the end. He noted that first came the date of her birth and spoke of the following date with tears, but he said what mattered most of all was the dash between those years. For that dash represents all the time that she spent alive on earth and now only those who loved her know what that little line is…

    • 12 Mar 2011
  • Funeral tomorrow, one last poem for mum

    the earth is stirring, whilst you lay still
    snowdrops and bluebells, an early daffodil
    they smile through our sorrow, yet gently bow
    promising that we'll get through this somehow
    you wouldnt want us to cry, or feel this pain
    but flowers cannot grow without any rain
    and when the blossom falls from the tree
    as birds sing and fly, its you that I'll see
    all of life's things that were special to you
    will hold your memory…

    • 24 Feb 2011
  • Gone to the arms of the angels, RIP mum

    Sadly my beautiful mum passed away yesterday evening, peaceful at the end, may she now rest in peace, free from her pain and suffering, my heart is broken.

    I love you so much mum

    • 22 Feb 2011
  • Never knew the word 'SUFFER' would hurt my inner soul

    Today, what can I say, i dont have the words to say, only my heart is breaking and a pain fills my body like never before, to see my mum in pain fills me with pain unimaginable, so what do I do when Im in pain, I find words from the depth of my sorrow, my way of dealing with things, so I wrote this poem today


    • A greater love, like no other,
      A Daughters love for her mother,
      A greater pain, now fills my heart…
    • 18 Feb 2011
  • The time I have been dreading is here!!!!

    Hi, its been a while since I blogged or posted, and sorry to all my friends on here for leaving it so long, I had to re-locate to mums bungalow for a while and she didnt have internet, I have missed you all and your kind and comforting words.....

    Well just an update on my situation, 6 weeks ago mum was admitted to hospital, the doctors didnt think she was gonna make it through the night, a spinal compression caused by…

    • 20 Jan 2011
  • Day trip to the coast, mum's 1st day out since Xmas

    Well, I knew I would get her back there, one day, was getting worried for a while that it might not happen, but we went to see my sis (who was camping) last Sunday and had a really good day.......Mum hasnt been anywhere (apart from hospital visits) since Xmas, the last time she was out of the house properly was Xmas eve, shopping, she was flagging a bit then but we never thought owt of it, as she is not getting any younger…

    • 25 Jul 2010
  • Mums Scan Results Following Radiotherapy

    8 weeks ago our world fell apart, mum was diagnosed with a squamos non small cell lung cancer, about the size of a mobile phone, in the pleural part  of her left lung....3 months prior she sarted losing weight, suffering from fatigue etc, in quite severe pain......I cant describe how I felt (well not just me but the whole family), we felt, in despair, disbelief, shock, anger etc, every emotion possible, drifting on a cloud…

    • 15 Jul 2010
  • DAD, I miss you! A letter

    Dad, its been 5 years since you left, time has gone by so fast, sometimes, even now, I expect to see you, playing your keyboard, cracking your jokes.......

    We had some problems I know, when I was younger, I was sick and mum took me to doctors, the diagnosis was simple, this child is missing her dad, you left us, for four years then came back, it was the happiest day of my life......but maybe some things were left usaid…

    • 14 Jul 2010
  • In remebrance

    Well, havent posted a blog for a few days, been umpteen busy, with this that and the other, after the little fracas with step-dad, things have settled down, I know he's worried bout mum, and having his own health problems too, mum said the other day that he is coming to terms with the fact that she cant take care of him, hes been doing his best for mum, I have taken over mums roll, step-dad went back to work on monday…

    • 1 Jul 2010
  • Feeling Fraught, Not a good day!!!!!!!!

    I havent' wrote a poem today or been on a walk, I've had a very bad day,             2 nurses have been out to mum today, she's not very well, she cant get out of bed cos her blood pressure is so anyway, I have been driving my step dads car, to take mum to hospital visits etc, and to take my step dad to hospital too as he has angina, I'm trying to do my best and keep everyone happy, so a trivial thing blew up into…

    • 26 Jun 2010
  • House Martins(not the group) and me

    I have some cute little house martins under my eaves, every year they come in their hundreds, I have three nests under my bedroom window, every mornign they wake me up about 3.30am, or some mornings I'm just on my way to bed and they send me off to sleep lol, I took some pictures today from my window, I created a slideshow as there were too many to post separately, but I cant seem to insert it, so please click…

    • 24 Jun 2010
  • Baby Tawny Owl falls from Tree

    Awwwww, just as I returned home from my walk and visit to my mum's, my neighbour called me over, in his hands, a beautiful baby owl,  my other neighbour built a box some years ago for the owls to nest on his tree, this little one walked along a branch and fell off into his garden, my neighbour said he was going to try and put it back in th tree with aid of another neighbour and his ladders, I hope they get it back…

    • 23 Jun 2010
  • Field of Midsummer Poppies

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    Thought I would create a blog featuring my walks on these beautiful summer evenings, I am so lucky to be living in this rural bliss, I came here with my mum and step-dad 8 years ago, away from the bright and hectic life of city living (Leeds) dont get me wrong, I still love my home town, I have family there and visit regularly…
    • 23 Jun 2010