Thursday 14th June just got Radiotherapy appointments

Less than one minute read time.

Well today I have received my letter and appointments for my radiotherapy. I am starting on 25th June so not too much longer to wait. I will be having a total of 10 sessions. 5 will be normal one and the other 5 will be bed boost. It will mean some early starts as I have most of my sessions booked for 8.45 in the morning, so work traffic will mean we have to leave lots earlier  but atleast it's not going to spoil the rest of our day like later ones might have. 

I will carry on with this blog and let you know how I go.

Any tips that people can give me that have already finished radiotherapy are most welcome.


  • That’s good news Alison. I’m so pleased not to be going every day but I do have to return for a check 3 days after finishing as I have some blisters under the breast. My Tips: Keep moisturing at least twice a day including under the breast Keep well hydrated Find soft tops ans crop tops to avoid anything rubbing near the area. 
    Do all your exercises as post surgery. 

    Good luck - hope all goes well 

  • Don’t be surprised if you have burns some time after it has finished. I had my radiotherapy during the last week of Nov 22. All ok at the time, but by New Year I had a significant burn with peeling all along the area where skin overlapped. Tracing round like a bra underwire, but 2or 3 inches wide, and also all through my WLE scar. 

  • Hi Kazza.

    Fingers crossed that you blisters heal up quickly, which cream do you use, did the radiotherapy team give you anything for the blisters?

    I have some moisturisers, I might ask the radiotherapy team if aftersun cream would work too? I pinched a silk shirt out of my dad's wardrobe the other day and have a couple silk scarfs that I can place near the skin too to stop things rubbing. 

    I never thought about doing the post surgery exercises but thanks for that tip 

    Big hugs to you xx

  • Hi Coddfish

    I have read that burns can come out a few weeks later. Did yours take long to heal? 

    We were planning a trip away the end of July for our anniversary but we won't be going too far. Instead we are planning a month away in Nov/Dec for our birthdays hopefully.

    Big hugs xx