What a way to end June 2021

Things have been such a rollercoaster for us over the past year. 

It is hard to believe that just over 13 months ago at the beginning of May 2020, Dal was diagnosed with Stage 4 Oesophageal Cancer with secondaries in his lung, liver and lymph nodes,  T3N3M1 GOJ. 

13 months ago, we learnt that Dal had a terminal illness, that he was not expected to live for more than a year, (and that was with treatment) and that Life as we knew it was Never going to be the same again.

Dal and I spoke with our families, My Dad was gutted, I remembering him saying, it's not right Lowe' here I am just waiting, I have had my time.  Dal's Mum, stoic, yet broken discussed with us and her other son the foods we tried, the medication Dal was on and the positive vibrations that we were trying to send through our pain. 

In that time, as you will all know if you have been keeping up with the blog, we have had both my Dad and Dal's brother pass away, and we have been trying as much a possible to maintain the positivity we discussed in the early months and we have continued with the new foods, life changes, and prayers that we hoped would lead us on the path to a better outcome.

On Tuesday 29th June 2021 Dal received a call from his oncologist, it was expected, as she always phones a few days after his quarterly scan, and she advised him that the scan results were good, "No Identifiable Disease Heart eyes and no discernible issues Pray

Dal will continue to have treatment fortnightly, he will continue with his quarterly scans and echocardiograms, but for now we can breathe again...  To say we are ecstatic is an understatement, but we truly believe that the loving thoughts of all of you, our family and friends, our hard work, our change of diet, our crystal healing and positive prayer has all lead to this day.  

Thank you... I will continue to update any news as we get it, but for now we are comforted by the knowledge that the end may be further away than last year led us to believe. Hugging

  • Hi Jan 

    It certainly is wonderful news, there is always hope xx


  • Awesome to read. Unfortunately my hubby's has gone into his brain. 6 lesions. Has been on steroids which reduced brain swelling but has been slowly reduced till today when it showed its been reduced too much. He started acting strange again and was so tired he couldn't eat or drink. I called dr and he back up to 2 a day. I've just been downstairs to check on him as it's 1.30 am and he still in his clothes and has TV on but sleeping off and on in chair. Tomorrow he goes onto an anti depressant to help him sleep at night and hoping it lifts his mood and gives him an appetite. He still refusing much help so I'm always awake upstairs till I know he is in the hospital bed. Our son is suffering from anxiety which has elevated with his dad's most recent diagnosis and our daughters BP has got high and she has been having chest pain. She said today mum it would be better for dad if he would just pass away in his sleep. Ts the not knowing how long he has. He has lasted so much longer than the said but now its in the brain it's doubtful he has much more time. 

  • Oh Cath, 

    I am so very sorry to read this, how exhausting this must be for all of you and to know that it is just a matter of time ..my heart goes out to you all (Hugs))))

    My thoughts are with you and your family, I hope peace comes and that rest follows. 

    Sending love and strength xx


  • I absolutely love this, what fantastic news, this made be cry with joy which is rare these days x