Trying to share some great news

Hi All, I really, really want to share some exciting news with you all...  (unfortunately at the time of writing this I was unable to post it, so I am hoping this can be posted now..... (FYI the date of this post would have been July 18th)

We read so much heartbreaking news and with the knowledge that Dal won't ever be "free" of this condition, we had done a great deal of research on what he can, and cannot expect to receive treatment wise. 

Based on previous results where Dal received a letter that had been sent also to his GP, where we were informed that Dal Is HER2 negative, we knew that he would not be able to be given what we have heard called "The Miracle Drug" Herceptin. ``

Herceptin is the brand name of a drug called Trastuzumab, which, as far as I have read, can be used for Breast, Oesophagal and Stomach cancer...  HER2, (human epidermal growth factor receptor 2) we have recently learnt, is found in all human cells, as it controls their growth and repair. Now, some people have high levels of HER2 (HER2 Positive), which from one side is a negative, as it helps the cancer cells grow and survive, meaning that the cancer may be a faster spreading cancer than someone who does not have a high HER2 level (HER2 Negative) . 

Well, we have concentrated and focused so hard on their being a miracle sent our way, and with Dal doing so well, receiving great news on Monday (see blog below) we were absolutely blown away yesterday, when we received a call telling us that Dal will be given Trastuzumab as part of his treatment from his next chemo session. 

What does that mean? well, the Herceptin works by blocking the effects of HER2 and encouraging the immune system (the body's natural defences) to attack and kill the cancer cells. 

There are, of course, side effects to this treatment, and we will see how things go once Dal starts to receive the drug, for now, today he has had a Echo scan for his heart, to ensure that he is truly fit enough for the Trastuzumab to be given.... We keep our fingers tightly crossed   that my strong man, continues to have a strong heart  , because we now know, that he has a fast moving cancer which, although has been knocked down by the chemo, needs to be trampled all over and not given an ounce of hope of getting back up. 

Today Dal continues his treatment, and in a fortnights time,   he will start on the wonder drug...  We don't know our future yet, we don't know how long it is we have together, but then , not many of us do, even when we believe we are well. We can only continue to face this head on, in a positive and determined manner...... if you would like to read more about the drug Dal will be taking, you can read it via Macmillan cancer information and support, under treatment and drugs.. Trastuzumab  (it wouldn't allow me to add the link)

Take Care