Treatment on-going

Over the past month and with regards to Dal's treatment, things have continued positively. 

The scar on his chest has healed well, the port is in use for all chemo sessions and now this is the way that his bloods are taken in preparation for the trastuzumab. No more covering his arm to protect a picc line during a shower, and because of that his arm is looking a lot better. His skin had started to grey and dry out where it was always covered over and it is good to see that it is now looking healthy again and all the blister areas have healed. 

The district nurses for our area have had no training yet on the new type of port that Dal has had fitted, indeed the helpline to call for any kind of emergency issues is based in America Thinking so he travels back to the hospital the day after his treatment to have the bottle removed and the port flushed. 

We believe that Dal is having some "different" reactions to the treatment because the port is connected to the jugular vein and this goes straight into the heart, so he sometimes feels fatigued, nauseous, uncomfortable, but he continues his meditation, he visualises himself being healed, being made well. 

We are due a scan in March and we are awaiting further updates from the oncologist. 

9 months post diagnosis, things, as far as we are concerned are good, most meals are trouble free, many not needing the ever trusty fizzy drink, which remains unopened long after the plates have been put away.

As always we keep on with the smoothies, the high in anti-oxidant foods and focusing as positively as possible on feeling /being well.

We have found ways to ensure that the chakra work is continued, and we have invested in a couple of shamanic drums which we will be banging around the house and in the garden, as a way of releasing negative feelings and stresses, and it's a bit of fun in these strange times. Drum

Dal continues to work from home two days a week, his firm have been amazing and supportive, all options have been considered throughout these 9 months and Dal has been able to make his choices on what would be best for him. It is such a great feeling to know that he is under no added stress or anxiety and is able to focus on maintaining his positivity Smile

We continue our prayers, pouring out to the universe, we trust that it is what it is... again, this is not for everyone, but it is our way, and for now it is working well... 

Thank you to all who continue to add Dal to their prayers, to my Mum who focuses on Dal's chakra's and to my Cousin who focuses on the colour blue... your healing vibes are of great comfort to us. 

Love and Light

Lowedal x