Things continue to be positive

Hi Again

You may remember in October that we had some great news regarding the rewards of the treatment that Dal has been on. We are still reeling from these great results, but we are also back to just waiting on the next update. I find that quiet difficult personally!

Nose Bleeds - this had been one of the side effects that Dal had been experiencing, they started out of the blue and seem to have stopped just as quickly. Slight smile

Numb fingers and toes - this continues, it is quite painful and takes a lot of focus to try to ignore the feeling that the hands and feet are cold (painfully cold) when in fact they are actually warm to the touch. Dal has difficulty picking up small objects, holding things for long periods, and is finding the whole experience quite testing. Being unable to turn paper is frustrating, the hand and finger tips have an unusual pulse course through them sometimes, and although it is not for long it is the thing he is having most difficulty with.

Pain in the knuckles - unsure whether this is treatment related or the start of arthritis, it contributes to the discomfort in his hands, but as he says "it's a small price to pay to keep the nasties at bay"

Whittling - Although this can contribute to aches and pains in his hands , Dal continues to whittle wood in the garden whilst I am at work, it helps him keep focus away from the nasties and to feel that he is in control. 

Eating -  we continue with the smoothies, as often as possible. Many meals are meat free and those that contain meat are generally only small amounts, but Chicken and chips is a no go...this has been the meal that had the worst reaction. Raisins continue in the diet and so far Dal has not had further concern regarding low potassium levels Pray

Ongoing treatment  and Echo - Chemo tomorrow 6th which includes immunotherapy, this will be treatment number 13. (always been a good number for Dal Wink) Echo on Monday to monitor how his heart is managing with the Herceptin Fingers crossed hopefully that will all be fine... Dietician in the coming weeks, which is a great achievement as when we first got the appointment it seemed like such a long long way away!  

The next update from the oncologist is on the 17th, we continue to ask for positive results and maybe even a remission.... but in the meantime Dal is returning to work, (from home) a couple of days a week... we are thankful for all the support that has been given by his company, they have been great.. the kids have been supportive and our family and friends continue to send positive strength and energy our way....

October started with good news and stayed a good month, now into November - 6 months since diagnosis and we are continuing to feel positive......long may it continue.