The Journey through rest of July

Things have continued to go well, Dal continues to eat well, and has gained more weight.  He had his first Herceptin treatment on Friday, which was not the best of experiences.. He went through the treatment fine but once he was told he could go home, he was violently sick. 

Over the last two days, he has struggled to feel "himself" but we know that this is the first time his body has been put through this particular treatment so, we are hopeful that the next round of treatment will be easier for him to handle.

Dal still has his cough,  he also still has his hair Man tone2 - he continues to do woodwork in the garden to keep himself occupied, and overall, it doing absolutely amazing (long may this continue)

We are taking a break from town living and getting some country air for a week, hopefully, this too will add to uplifting him and making him feel a little bit close to "himself" again. 

We will keep you updated.