That's August Done With.

This month has gone so fast, I turn around and we are just dropping into September, thing have for the most part turned in to a new kind of normality, Tuesday bloods, Tuesday afternoon phone call from Oncologist, Friday Chemo, Weekend of feeling rough and back on his feet again Monday, refusing to be held down for long. Then a week off.. before it all starts again!

The weight continues to be very well maintained, Dal's eating is also still good,  but he would struggle, even now, without the fizzy drinks. 

He gets tired quicker, sleeps longer Zzz, but overall maintains a really positive focus, he is amazing really Hugging

The medication has changed, he still has the FLOT but they have removed two of the chemo drugs, which have caused him to have numbness in his hands and tongue, but he is still on the Herceptin...  He is not due another scan until possibly the end of September, (I personally am struggling with this the most)  but overall, our news is good news. 

There is more hair loss, but more in the way of it getting thinner, he still has to shave, his eyebrows are holding on, but he has fuzzy hair on his head now, which has a will of its own... but we are not complaining, it is quite funny sometimes.... 

Dal say's as always, stay positive, focus, visualise thing internally being blitzed, and keep safe.. 

Stay Strong Everyone xx