Starting the New Year 2022

Happy New Year to you all... or at least, I hope it is a good year for many of you. 

Last year was the year I had imagined We would never have! after Dal's Diagnosis in May 2020 and the prognosis given, we embraced 2020 with a view that there may not be a 2021 for us, but there was.   

2021 brought us many ups and downs, both with Dal's cancer treatment and within our own lives, but it was a year where we threw abandon to the wind as much as we could, we have acknowledged how lucky Dal has been, and how we need to keep on our toes and look for any tiny changes in his wellbeing, never dropping our guard or tacking this time for granted. 

The Old Year ended and the New Year Started with Dal having treatment, but it has also seen him having a cold, which has crept up on him... a slight cough, that very quickly has led to a chest infection.  Thankfully the Nurses at the hospital noticed this on Sunday and the Doctor was called to run some tests, antibiotics have been given, which Dal is duly taking. Unfortunately at the moment the cough is getting the better of him, and it is a bit worrying. 

We are still waiting on the scan date, and we are looking forward to the first consultation with the Oncologist for this year, and I personally can only hope that 2022 is another Gift year.

Isn't it strange how until we are faced with something like this, that we don't realise just how much of a gift our lives are Disappointed  I know of others who have lost their loved ones in 2021, how devastating that is and how frightening it is to wake everyday, feeling unsure of whether there are many more tomorrows.

I too lost my Dad in 2021, as Dal did his Brother, highlighting to me, that none of us are promised tomorrow.  But we continue to fight for our tomorrows, to aim for its potential, to see each day as a bonus and to give thanks at the end of each one for the opportunity. 

Dal, continues to remain positive, and I can only hope that he has the inner ability to beat this cough that he has...  and that the news, when it comes from the Oncologist, continues to be  good..  

Fingers Crossed... Fingers crossed

Best wishes to you all during this year, I do hope that it is as good as it can be, to All of Us.