Scan 16th September

We didn't expect a phone call from the hospital so quickly after the scan yesterday, 16th September.

This afternoon Dal was called and informed that although it doesn't look it is too much to worry about, but they have noticed some spots on his lungs. Although they do not think that the spots look like cancer, they need to have the images looked at further by a lung expert, they believe that it may be an infection.

So off Dal went to have a full Covid19 test at our local test centre and also did a home test for peace of mind, the home test was negative, we have to wait a day or two more for the results of the other test.

Infection, it's a word that frightens me to the core, hopefully unnecessarily. 

So we wait for the lung specialist to get in touch and for the oncologist to call on the 27th to hear more... but whilst we wait, we will fight this infection.

Other than that... things continue as they have, fortnightly treatment, which I think sometimes has more unpleasant side effects than Dal lets on, he fights on and refuses to be beat..

Long may that continue.