Sad update on Brother-in-Law

After a brief but brave fight with secondary liver failure, Dal's brother Mark passed away at 5am on 15/05/2021 I am so grateful that his fight enabled all of the my children to attend their Grandad's funeral on the 13th, Mark battled hard and made that possible. 

Only two dedicated people had been allowed in to see him at the hospice, my mother in law and my second youngest daughter, sadly on the morning of his passing they arrived 15 minutes too late. Maybe that is how Mark would have wanted it to be?

He was comforted by three nurses in his final hour, but he refused any medication at the end. 

Understandably the whole family are shocked at how quickly things have happened. It has been a year since Dal was diagnosed as a terminal patient, and all our plans for having a great Xmas for him last year, bringing the family together seem to have now been necessary for Mark, more so than Dal Cry

Rest Eternal Bro... Pray