Oncology update Treatment to continue

We have had to wait a while to hear from the Oncologist and to get information on the scan which Dal had last week and today we were advised:

Everything is stable, the gullet tumour has remained the same, the liver has a very small lesion, the lymph nodes are also stable and nothing really was mentioned about the lungs. The bloods, taken today, have nothing negative to report and it all looks positive in so far as, things are not deteriorating. 

On advising the Oncologist that there are periods when swallowing can be an issue, she discussed this and both she and Dal confirmed that as it is, this is something that he can get over, so, with this in mind, treatment is to continue every fortnight.

We are extremely lucky to be offered continued treatment, that Dal continues to react relatively well to the treatment and we remain cautious -  we know that we are now into the 11th month, and it is important that we monitor all changes, no matter how small, we will speak to the Oncologist again in six weeks, and we will ensure that Dal keeps his Chemo nurses updated every time he has a nurse assessment. 

Dal does seem to burp a lot more recently, he doesn't think it is an issue? I hope he is right.

Dal says "I am happy whilst it is all working, they are happy to carry on giving me the treatment and it keeps it where it is, which is of course a good thing".

Sometimes, we both think that when we experience a little glitch in his health we become a little paranoid, but this is not unexpected, it keeps us on our toes and ensures we do not become complacent.

Dal's hair continues to grow, his nails are brittle and break easily (which is not normal for him, so it is probably a treatment side effect) his weight remains stable.

Today Dal's brother has started his treatment at the same hospital as Dal, fingers crossed this works well for him.

Thanks to all who continue to think of us and who add us to their healing thoughts /prayers, we continue with crystal healing, meditation, sound therapy and eating foods high in anti-oxidants, in the hope that Dal continues to be well. The journey remains scary, but so far, we could not have asked for much better in the way of results.