Navigational Bronchoscopy

Sorry for my delay in updating the blog, we had the call on October 6th from the lung specialist and were advised that a Biopsy needs to be taken from Dal's right lung to determine the cause of the markers they found during the scan. 

So to do this they will perform a navigational bronchoscopy, which is basically a telescope down the throat that is guided by a CAT scan through the veins to the correct area of the right lung, enabling the biopsy to take place. Then of course it is the waiting!

We had agreed for Daren to have a Chemo/Immuno Session three weeks after the last one to get him back on his normal two week sessions afterwards, this ensures it doesn't mess with other planned appointments like dentist etc. 

Overall, he seems ok, a slight cough every now and then, but I think that has always been the way with him.   

We are anxious, it is the unknown, they seem to think it is not the cancer, but have not said what they think it might be?  

So to take our minds away from things we have started Sound Bath Therapy, focusing on Chakra's, meditation and healing..  .... Onwards and upward.. hopefully everything will be ok. 

Thanks for listening/reading