Mid July Results

After having such a good month in June, we have been waiting patiently for this morning to come... it has been quicker than we thought it would be, but it has been extremely stressful. Restless nights, brain working overtime, thinking of the 'what ifs'.

Food continues to go down well, although Dal does seem to consume even more fizzy drinks, but I suppose the more food he can eat the more drink he needs to help manage that.. .so it is not too bad a thing... his weight gain continues, and we have had the news from the Oncologist that we have been waiting for.

She has confirmed:

  1. They are very pleased with the results of the treatment so far.
  2. Treatment will continue as planned this week.
  3. District Nurse will be able to come to our UK holiday Destination
  4. Following this Chemo, the next treatment, they will drop one of the drugs which has caused Dal's hands to tingle, with the hope of preventing too much nerve damage. They will however need to resume it at some point. 
  5. The tumour and ALL secondaries have SHRUNK TadaHeart exclamation

This is obviously exactly what we wanted to hear, the call was very quick and too the point, we have a bumpy road ahead of us, but for now, the surface is even.... we will take our chances on this one and hope that it stays that way - Will keep you updated