Leading up to and including Wednesday 13th May

What a week! waiting for today to come 12th May 2020, watching the clock, counting down the hours.  Dal had been told last week on discharge to call the hospital or the Clinical nurse at lunch time if he had not been contacted regarding the results. 

We have four daughters, one lives with us with her partner and their two children, the other three live very close and have family of their own, in all we are the proud grandparents to eight grand-kids Slight smile Dal's Mum and Brother live in our street... we are a big, close family and we were all reeling with shock... We were all waiting for today.  

Finally the phone rang, a call from the hospital, they advised us that a specialist would be calling tomorrow at a set time to go through next steps.. May 13th, this was already a marked day in our family calendar, we lost a very special member of our family on that day Disappointed

Somewhat out of the blue a second telephone call came in, Dal answered the phone and after a few moments said, we have to go meet the specialist outside the hospital.  Masks and gloves in place we duly met the clinical nurse in the car park, the results were back, he had been right about the tumour. Disappointed

Unfortunately he had been wrong about the tumour being operable, Dal has secondaries, in his Lung and in his Liver. 

By the end of the conversation we knew that Dal had a condition that was treatable but not curable, that it was impossible to know a life prognosis, it could be months, it could be months and months?  But if we had things to put in order, we needed to focus on doing that... We left the hospital in absolute disbelief, and sticking with social distancing for the old's we spoke to Dal's Mum and his Brother from their front gate and explained the given outcomes. 

The girls were called and gathered and the family as a team prepared for the change that was going to affect all of us, with immediate effect. 

Wednesday 13th May, the call from the specialist re-confirmed what we already knew, plus an additional metastasis in the lymph nodes, Stage 4 T3 tumour.  Chemotherapy is all that was on offer, no surgery is possible, where we going to give it go? Definitely !