January 2022 update

I just wanted to leave a note here... 

Dal has managed to beat the chest infection / cold which lingered for quite some time..  he also continues his treatment

Although delayed he has had a his CT scan and his Echocardiogram, bloods and Oncologist update... 

It is amazing to report, that Dal continues to do well, the bloods continue to remain very good, the lymph nodes around his stomach are returning to normal, his chest/lungs though weaker than they previously were, and showing slight sign on infection, do not show any sign of cancer.  

His Liver continues to improve and that is a really good sign Slight smile

The Tumour in his oesophagus remains stable... and he continues to respond well to treatment with very little in the way of side effects.   He does have a few more than in the early days, but we think this is to be expected, though they are still mild and something that we are monitoring. 

We are still using crystal healing and music therapy, Dal still works 3 days a week from home... we are now 20 months in from original diagnosis.. that is over 8 months on from the furthest timeline given.....  We are extremely grateful to all involved in his treatment, to all who send him healing thoughts and prayers.... I am extremely grateful for this website, for the support I have received and I hope that along the way I can be of support to others who are looking for hope...  None of us know how long we have, but we as a couple have more than we were led (initially) to imagine and we hope that will continue for many years to come. 


  • It's so good to read your blog . I'm so pleased for you and Dal x it gives me hope for my hubby . He was diagnosed with oesophogeal cancer in August 2021 , it has now spread to his pelvic and adrenal gland , we just found out today he can have Herceptin   so we are now  praying this will give him more time to watch our 4 year old daughter grow xxx 

  • Hello Lowe, this is my first post on the online forum. I just came across your blog while looking for some info. I am reassured to hear how well Dal is doing after being told he may only have a year to live. I am 44, my husand is 53 and has oesophageal cancer. He had major surgery two years ago and we thought all the cancer had gone. However before Christmas we heard it had returned and a week ago he was told with chemo they expected he only has 12-18 months. This is quite awful news to come to terms with and I am feeling sad we won't be able to do the things we planned to in the future. I am wondering if we might get chance to go abroad sometime later this year. 

  • Mum247

    Hello and welcome here, how frightening this must be for you and your husband at this time...  I know in some respects the rollercoaster you are on, and I hope, that somehow you can maintain a positivity that will see you all through this terrible news. 

    Although this cancer reacts differently for everyone, there is also hope, there is always a chance. ... hang in there.. reach out to me and the forum when ever you need any advice... look at the benefits that your husband is now entitled to, this will help in a small way to go towards travel expenses etc.  

    Focus, where you can on being well... it is not always easy and there will be tears, but mainly... there will be hope. 

    Sending you all strength.


  • Hello WW2

    Welcome  and thank you for building the strength to post your first post, please, if you feel you can also join the other forums. Oesophageal Cancer,    Family and Friends,   there are many that may suit . 

    If i can be of any support at all please feel free to message me, i have accepted your friend request, so drop a line at any time. 

    I can only imagine how devasted you have both felt to hear of the return of the cancer, but as I always mention it is so important to remain positive, to focus, to fight. 

    None of us know what time we have, but what we do know is to fill every moment of our time as best we can... Go to bed on a kiss and wake up to one... :) it is simple stuff but it keeps us going.

    I have been looking at getting a holiday abroad, but the insurance is SOOOO expensive... I hope you find something that gives you the opportunity of some time away. 

    Stay strong, thinking of you both, here if you need me.