How quickly things change

Last week Tuesday Dal received a surprise phone call from the oncologist, 

With Dal's blood readings he was told that the 4000 reading is now 12 and the one that was 24 is now less than 1, and once it's less than 1 it can't be measured.. so his bloods are all within the normal range, and it is likely that there will be little change now. The scan itself shows that everything is stable, the tumours in the lung are undetectable, this is not to say they are no longer there, but they have shrunk sufficiently. The liver cancer is now 6mm and the oesophageal cancer has stayed the same as at Xmas, and is therefore stable.

The oncologist said these results are absolutely brilliant and it is such a positive for us, Dal has been a superstar throughout and although his treatment will continue, fortnightly with regular echo scans ever 3 months, the next being this Wednesday, we will keep you updated.

Sadly... after receiving this brilliant news on Tuesday, My Dad passed away on Thursday after a valiant fight with COPD and stomach cancer, the shock was heightened as we had been told at 4.15pm that he would be coming home. by 6pm the GP asked his power of attorney to go to the hospital and at 7.30 I was called to say, he didn't seem to recognise anyone. I never made it to the hospital in time, (though I still went) within the next hour he passed, but we pray he passed peacefully, 

My brother in law is due his second treatment tomorrow, but has today been advised that his recent blood test were very poor and the cancer seems to be spreading in his liver faster that they can provide treatment for. Disappointed

What a rollercoaster of emotions this week has been.


  • Hi Lowe, I just wanted to send my condolences to you  and your family! You are such a strength for everyone in this forum and I hope you get some comfort that we are thinking and praying for Dal and your brother in law! Stay strong lovely lady.

  • Hi 

    Thank you for your lovely words it is so very kind of you. Unfortunately Dal's brother has now gone into a hospice, things are rapidly deteriorating and it is a very sad time for the whole family... 

    We really do appreciate your prayers and hope that whatever happens next there is not too much discomfort


  • Hi Lowe, I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad.. my thoughts and prayers are with you. I lost my Dad 3 months ago although it feels so much more recent... I know it's hard caring for someone at the same time as trying to grieve, you have been so incredibly strong and I hope you are ok and looking after yourself as well.

    Really good news on Dal - long may it continue.  What a rollercoaster indeed.. sending you and family condolences, much love, positivity and support


  • Lowe wow!!…happy new year to you and reading your latest update on all, I am amazed by your strength and coping with all of it, myself and sister are exhausted looking after mum ( breast cancer) Praydad ( dementia) over the past 15 months, we too are involved with every aspect of there illness and living day by day and we all live over an hour drive away from one another…I think you are amazing and your family and dal they are blessed to have you there it is hard it’s demanding frightening but still we tell ourselves we have to cope we are going to do what’s needed because it’s family and that’s what we do…right? Wishing you good health and luck and just to tell you how fantastic you are PrayGrinningKissing heart Take care of you too